Implementing a Deque in Python

Deque or Double Ended Queue is a generalized version of Queue data structure that allows insert and delete at both ends.In previous post we had discussed introduction of deque.

As we have done in previous sections, we will create a new class for the implementation of the abstract data type deque. Again, the Python list will provide a very nice set of methods upon which to build the details of the deque. Our implementation (Listing 1) will assume that the rear of the deque is at position 0 in the list.

class Deque:
    def __init__(self):
        self.__items = []

    def is_empty(self):
        return self.__items == []

    def add_front(self, item):

    def add_rear(self, item):
        self.__items.insert(0, item)

    def remove_front(self):
        return self.__items.pop()

    def remove_rear(self):
        return self.__items.pop(0)

    def size(self):
        return len(self.__items)


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